Rope Access

Efficient. Safe. Professional.

Rope access is a surprisingly cost-effective way of completing high access work. With the added advantages of quick deployment and setup, minimal disruption to surrounding traffic, versatile access capabilities and most importantly, a safe method of reaching work areas.

Using specialist equipment, training and innovative methods – our rope access team can provide a solution to your hard-access job site, and the skilled tradesmen and experience to undertake the task to the highest standards.

Our personnel have been actively involved with height work and rope access for the past 30 years. Our work crew are IRATA qualified, and also hold qualifications in rigging, confined space entry, EWP operation, rope rescue, WAH, first aid and more…

Our crew have a diverse background in rigging, construction, mining and building maintenance. We bring years of industry experience together with an engineering degree, relevant qualifications, thorough safety planning, close supervision and a well-equipped crew to provide a complete solution-based service.

  • Cost savings: Your budget goes straight to the required task – not to access expenses. Scaffold could cost thousands before the work has even started!
  • Time savings: Our crew can mobilise and be in position ready to begin work in a fraction of the time required to arrange and setup an EWP or scaffold. Our team can mobilise and undertake any task with minimal lead-in time. 
  • Safety: The rope access industry holds an excellent record for incurring minimal fatalities and injuries – compared to EWP and scaffold use statistics. The IRATA rope access system ensures all our personnel are trained in using methods and equipment to ensure backup safety systems and redundancy in every instance. Special Access Services have an impeccable safety record and a fully documented work method and safety system.
  • Minimum disruption to the surrounding sit: Our rope crew will eliminate the need to close a busy driveway or car-park for EWP setup. No need to shut-down a factory floor to move plant equipment while you build a scaffold.
  • Versatility: Our crew can be working on the south face of a building in the morning, the north face an hour later or under an overhanging ledge that same afternoon if required! Moving a swing stage or EWP that quickly is just not possible.
  • Reduced management requirements: When you hire SAS we take the project and manage it to completion. We understand that when you hire a subcontractor, you want results, not problems!

At Special Access Services we firmly believe in recruiting the right staff. It is not enough to simply supply people who can abseil into position! All too often in this industry we see cheap casuals who are unskilled in practical work. We rise above our competition as we only employ capable and proficient tradesmen who can perform the required tasks to a high standard.

We pride ourselves on our service, high work ethic and ability to deliver results on time and budget. Call us today to discuss how we can help on your next hard-access project!